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These Tub Rails are perfect for utilizing that dead space above your tub.  Not only do they support cargo on top but having a T-Slots on all 4 ends means you can mount almost anything on them, be it quick fists, tie down hooks or just bolting accessories on like Recovery boards.


Great for mounting roof top tents and keeping the weight low.


Universal fitment means these suit all Aussie Utes.  Get one rail or multiple to suit anything you need to carry.  Fits on the inside and top edge of the tub for a strong ridged point. We also have rails to allow these to suit your roller shutter.



  • Carry Cargo/gear in traditionally dead space
  • Universal fit for all Utes as it's adjustable 
  • T-slots on all 4 faces to mount infinite accessories. 
  • T-Slots take standard M8 bolts or nuts, no need to spend a fortune for special hardware
  • Aluminium Rail for weight saving and Steel brackets for strength
  • Easy to couple with multiple rails to mount large accessories like roof top tents


  • Heavy duty matte black powder coated Aluminium extrusions with T slots on all dies
  • 3mm Thick steel brackets, zinc plated and powder coated matte black
  • Rated to 80kg each rail 
  • Adjustable width from 1390mm out to 1630mm
  • Sits 100mm above top of tub


Get multiple rails to hold larger gear or roof top tents.






Fitting difficulty: 3/10

Fitting Time: 30 min each rail

Universal Ute Tub Rail